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Arapaho District 1 Legislator
Cell: 405-549-8932
Messages: 405-422-7405
Administrative Assistant – Monica AllenCell: 405-568-7881
Office: 405-422-7447

The Legislative Branch shall be comprised of one Legislature. The Legislature shall consist of four Cheyenne Districts and four Arapaho Districts. Each Cheyenne District shall have one Cheyenne Legislator and each Arapaho District shall have one Arapaho Legislator, for a total of eight District Legislators. The Legislature shall elect a Speaker from among its members.

A1 Billie Sutton
Arapaho District 1

A2  Kendricks Sleeper
Arapaho District 2

A3  Patrick Spottedwolf
Arapaho District 3

A4  Winslow Sankey
Arapaho District 4

C1 Burl Buffalomeat
Cheyenne District 1

C2 George Wood
Cheyenne District 2

C3 Ronald Redshin
Cheyenne District 3

C4 Byron Byrd
Cheyenne District 4